ExpertusONE for Nonprofits

Transforming volunteers and workforces for a greater impact

Nonprofits provide critical services that maintain our world’s health and vitality. And while they continue to successfully meet the many needs of diverse communities, they often struggle with recruiting, training and retaining their own.

This is precisely where ExpertusONE can help! Our top ranked LMS transforms your charity or social services’ workforce to be more aligned, collaborative and productive. Which means a better, happier team… and a richer, more robust impact.


With an ExpertusONE Nonprofits solution you can:

Improve time-to-productivity for volunteers and employees alike

Optimize organizational alignment by automating performance management and appraisals

Unify learning programs to deliver consistent training and elevate performance, organization-wide

Prove organizational effectiveness to stakeholders, donors, team members and the community by creating/achieving measurable goals


ExpertusONE gives nonprofits a predictive, easy-to-use learning environment that helps them:

Meet every day operational needs

Develop successful, sustainable workforces

Grow organization effectiveness and impact

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