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The industry’s best LMS integration

ExpertusONE has the best and broadest LMS integration available. Now you can easily extend your LMS’ reach with ExpertusONE’s comprehensive REST API library (100+), full xAPI (Tin Can) content support and embeddable course catalog widgets.

Quick. Easy. Connections.

Updated with every ExpertusONE release, our comprehensive set of APIs helps developers quickly expand and extend learning technology in new and creative ways. So now you can easily build new applications, portals or widgets. Or quickly integrate your ExpertusONE LMS with other enterprise and external systems for an even richer, more robust learning experience.

Plus… by empowering you to develop and maintain your own LMS integrations, ExpertusONE greatly reduces your total cost of ownership compared to other enterprise systems. It’s the quick, affordable and reliable path to integration you’ve been looking for!

Key Features & Benefits

Meets Trending LMS Integration Needs

With the most published APIs, ExpertusONE already meets top needs:

Supports real-time data flow between the LMS and other enterprise systems

Offers connectors/integrations (including SAML) for fast, affordable implementation and excellent reliability

Fully supports xAPI (Tin Can) content with third-party LRS integration

Superior Solution to Batch Feeds

Unlike troublesome batch feeds, ExpertusONE’s web service APIs ensure:

Synchronized data in real-time between connected systems

Faster deployments with simplified maintenance

Customer IT self-service (lowers costs); limited vendor involvement (speeds deployment)

Extends Your LMS’ Reach

Link ExpertusONE to enterprise systems and external learner tools:

Two-way LMS integration to your HRIS, CRM, SSO and ERP systems

Use of ExpertusONE from SharePoint, Salesforce, LinkedIn and mobile apps

Embeddable course catalog widgets promote learning outside the LMS via an email, your Intranet or an external website

Innovative Salesforce Integration

Directly access ExpertusONE from a ‘Learning’ tab in Salesforce:

Uses Salesforce and Expertus REST APIs to create a seamless end-user experience

Also integrates with Salesforce Communities, making it easy to connect customers and partners to your training

Configuration takes only minutes thanks to 100% pre-built integration

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ExpertusONE: Experience the Future of the LMS Platform


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