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On-the-go learning with the first mobile LMS

ExpertusONE Mobile is the most advanced, fully featured mobile LMS app available! Offering offline content sync, actionable mobile analytics and a user friendly interface (no panning/zooming/scrolling required), it makes learning incredibly convenient… and actually expands on what you can do with the LMS.

Premium Mobile LMS Experience

ExpertusONE employs a Mobile First design to give users a full LMS experience with the robust features and optimized functionality of top consumer mobile apps. This results in a second to none user interface − which can radically boost learning engagement and adoption.

1. Learn anytime, anywhere thanks to native Apple iOS/Android apps and true offline sync for SCORM/video/informal content

2. Access all ExpertusONE LMS functions by launching courses, streaming videos and using social tools in real-time

3. Transform classroom learning with Presence Sensing that enhances classroom collaboration, sharing and instructor communication

Key Features & Benefits

For Your Learners

Learners get full, remote ExpertusONE access… on or offline, with seamless transfer between devices. It’s learning on-the-go made easy!

For Your Instructors

Our mobile LMS helps them elevate the classroom experience with innovative features like Presence Sensing, mobile evaluations, class-based collaboration/social learning tools and more.

For Your Managers

Managers and admins can work faster and more efficiently with streamlined workflow dashboards, compliance tools and robust mobile analytics.

Trending Mobile LMS Technology

Continually adds new mobile technology to stay fresh/relevant for users:

Voice-based search; location mapping

Built-in eCommerce

One-click class registration and launch

Presence Sensing

Solves the problems and extra work of classroom reporting:

Automatically capture attendee and completion data for: accurate rosters, zero lag time and reduced paperwork/help desk load

Superior compliance with a profound reduction in admin follow-up costs

In-class Mobile Evaluations

Launch evaluations and surveys right from the classroom:

Instant evaluation completion; zero paperwork; increased participation

Significant cost savings versus manual data input

Social Learning

Learners easily connect, collaborate and learn together:

Fast contact info exchanges

See all learner profiles and real-time gamification status

Support continuous learning to elevate overall learning experience

Actionable Mobile Analytics

Managers get 24/7 access to compliance dashboards and alerts:

Streamlined, simplified workflows − easy to track learners’ progress

Actionable analytics − embedded links let managers instantly call, text or email non-compliant learners

Increased completion rates − with reduced statutory compliance issues

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