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We’re Not Your Typical LMS Solutions Provider… and Proud of It!

  • Welcome to Expertus

    With our unmatched experience, exceptional vision and innovative technology,
    we’ve created an entirely new way to do learning.

    Next-gen cloud-based LMS technology – with unprecedented usability and performance.
    Unparalleled learning and LMS services history – more than 13+ years and counting.
    Award-winning customer service and support – retaining the globe’s top Fortune 100 companies.

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  • What Industry Analysts Say...

    Industry analysts universally agree that ExpertusONE is the next-generation cloud LMS
    transforming the way corporations learn.

    "Expertus has proved that they not only have an incredibly advanced, unquestionably simple to use LMS, but that they also continue to evolve their product based on what’s trending in both the technology and the learning industries."
    "ExpertusONE represents a new breed of corporate training platform. It integrates the world of formal learning management systems with a complete and open solution for many of the modern features needed in today's informal learning environment."
    "This innovative product propels the learning profession forward. It lets customers make learning faster, better and easier."
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  • What Our Customers Say...

    Customers from all over the world are using ExpertusONE to optimally
    support today’s on-the-go enterprise learning environment.

    "ExpertusONE was an essential component in winning this esteemed Learning In Practice award, as the nation’s premier mentoring organization, we must ensure that our mentor matching and support services continually align with emerging best training practices. And only ExpertusONE’s leading-edge architecture was able to dynamically evolve with our ever-expanding learning audience and needs"
    "With the vast amount of new products and services Microsoft creates, an on-site, one-week training program - like we've done in the past - does not offer enough flexibility or in-depth knowledge to meet all of our sales requirements. That's why we sought a more fluid, immersive alternative in ExpertusONE."
    "With an ExpertusONE portal working in concert with our LMS, we’ve significantly improve the user experience for customers who visit our website to find, register and complete training. Our field sales organization now promotes the learning site – a far cry from the days when they actually steered people away from it."
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